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Molly Flannery


Hi!! I play piano and teach. Mostly I play jazz and Brazilian music and some originals. I gig a lot at my favorite venue, the Act III Restaurant, which is run by my dear friend, Gwenn Vivian. I teach all kinds of music – jazz, classical, pop, as well as theory and composition – to individual students as well as ensembles at my home in Littleton , MA .   (See the lessons page.)   I accompany lots of singers and am working on a variety of projects which you can learn more about on my projects page. I yearn to be a singer some day…  Have fun exploring my site and drop me a line if you get a chance!  Check out where I’m playing on the events page.   Also there are sound samples of my music on the music page and links to CD Baby or itunes where you can purchase my albums, “Slow Dance at the Asylum”  and “Riding the Bull.”   I hope to see you at one of my shows soon!

Please check out this podcast of me being interviewed by fellow musician, Mark Shilansky, where we gossip about fellow musicians and philosophize about the creative process. Just go to
and scroll down to episode 4.