Molly Flannery with piano

I offer both individual and ensemble lessons at my home in Littleton. I’ve taught since I was eleven years old (Seriously!! I had about 8 students then, after bicycling around my neighborhood and putting flyers in mailboxes – 50 cents a pop!), and I love it.

I combine a variety of approaches: playing by ear, improvising and composing, and theory. Of course, the beauty of private lessons is that I can tailor the instruction to each student’s interest and needs.

Because I was classically trained, I’m comfortable teaching classical music, as well as pop, jazz, Latin, and Brazilian. So many students who come from a classical background never learn much theory and so feel unable to do anything but read notes. I try to help them understand how pieces are put together, so they can gain a greater appreciation of the music and also feel comfortable creating their own music.

Each year in early June I host a student concert where students get a chance to perform for each other. Also, I host workshops for singers on improvising, harmony, Alexander Technique, body mapping, etc.

Feel free to email me to inquire about lessons.